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What are long-tail queries?

Long-tail queries (LT) have a low frequency and clearly express the user’s intent.

Their length does not matter. Generally, low-frequency queries consist of three or more words, but exact one- or two-word queries are also included in the long-tail category.

Topic long-tail queries

They indicate a specific topic. The most accurate, suitable as the main keys for pages that you want to promote for low-frequency queries.

For example, “how to learn to swim a crawl. Query frequency is low: up to 540 impressions per month without specifying the region. In addition to special elements (blocks with ads, videos, a list of local companies), the output for it consists entirely of thematic materials, precisely giving an answer to the user’s query
Thematic long-tail queries have these characteristics:

  • relatively complex wording;
  • high granularity;
  • the exact content.

The output for them is low-competitive and consists of pages of specific narrow topics. Using a competent promotion strategy, it is possible to get to the top for thematic LT without much effort.

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Complementary long-tail queries

They indicate a specific topic, but because of low frequency supplement one or more broader topics.

For example, the query “sneaker lacing technique”. Its frequency – up to 10 impressions per month. The output will consist not only of pages about sneaker lacing techniques, but also of pages about shoe lacing techniques.

The frequency of the query “shoelaces”, also related to this topic, is higher – from 1,600 impressions per month. This is the main feature of complementary LTs: increased competition due to the display of results for general queries.

Using this type of long-tail in the promotion – a more subtle tool. It is necessary to promote in parallel for high or medium frequency queries.

Mixed long-tail requests

They cannot exactly be assigned to either of the two categories previously cited. Mixed LTs can refer to a specific narrow topic, but also cover several broader ones.

Examples of mixed long-tail queries:

  • Запросы с ярко выраженной сезонностью — «seo тренды 2022».
  • Названия организаций, конкретных мест, культурные продукты (фильмы, книги, постановки) — «научный музей nemo».
  • Низкочастотные запросы с указанием топонима — «где купить авто в Одессе».

Because of the specific nature of these keywords, search engines don’t get the amount of data they need to provide experts with analytics on them in tools like Google Ads. But there are some ways to analyze long-tail queries and even specific tools. I’ll talk about them next.

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