The 5 Best AI Writers For Creating Content That Converts

04/05/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Marketing

Best AI Writers

Creating a lot of quality content may be difficult for marketers, who don’t want to reach burnout point. Sometimes even the best marketers struggle with meeting all their client’s needs without getting overwhelmed.

It might be nice to have robots that give you ideas that are sufficiently different than the last time you had an idea. Copymatic can offer different, relevant blog post ideas for you to use.

We recommend the five best AI writing software. These tools generate highly customized content that’s on par with human-generated content. The tools use algorithms and machine learning to generate helpful blog posts with unique, quality text at fast speeds.

What is AI writing software and how does it work?

An AI writer uses deep learning to mimic human understanding and behavior

AI can learn the basics of writing, grammar, and general language processing so it can create high-quality content by using the vast information at its disposal.

These software still require human input; however, it can make life easier, by saving writers from the scary blank page. You need to input the relevant keywords, length of copy, tone of copy, and corrections to keep text on track.

The 5 best AI writing tools





AI Writers


1. Jasper

With Jasper, an artificial intelligence copywriting assistant, you won’t have to worry about generating new text content. Jasper generates high-converting copy that is unique and of the same quality as content written by humans.

Jasper has read 10% of the internet, so it can provide blog posts on any topic, and in any style.

Jasper creates content with necessary templates for all sorts of subjects, so that you can start quickly. Custom templates such as "Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) and Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS)" are available to generate high-quality and converting headlines. Jasper also assists video content creators with the "Video Script Outline" to make marketing more successful.

You can tell the AI writing assistant what tone you want your blog post to have and how many characters each sentence has. It will use structured data and machine reflection to create a quality blog post that’s in the same vein as those created by human writers. If you already have content, you can input it into the Sentence Expander template to expand your view and make it clear and concise.

With Jasper, you can write long-form content efficiently because of his navigation assistant. You’ll need to provide him an idea for your content and keywords and will only need to provide some words at the beginning. Then, he’ll generate quality content according to your specification and you can tweak it while he creates more.

The long-form assistant is for pro subscribers or those who have upgraded their account. It works in conjunction with the other modes and allows you to use templates, write without distractions and optimize content for search engines respectively.

You can take a first draft and use the tools on the website to check for plagiarism and grammar errors before uploading.

Another great feature for those who are visually impaired is the Explain it to a Fifth Grader option, which can modify your text in order to make it simpler.

One of Jasper's newest plans, Boss Mode V2, allows a user to give instruction directly to Jasper on the type of content they want.

One cool feature:

Explain it to a 5th Grader can simplify your text so that it is readable at a fifth grade reading level. This, in turn, can help with conversions as people will understand your content better.


  • Jasper generates 100% original content, going up against LinkedIn bios, Instagram captions, and blog posts.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee and over 10,000+ 4.9/5 star reviews.
  • Unable to beat features: 50+ superior templates, SEO integration, rephrasing capabilities, and much more.
  • Jasper is now available in at least 25 different languages, including Bulgarian, French, and Spanish.
  • A+ customer support: the website has dozens of help articles and videos, and there is a Jasper Facebook community with 50K+ highly engaged members.


  • The learning curve for Jasper is steep, but there are several tutorials and articles to help new users.
  • The Starter plan lacks the features that appeal to most of their customers, like the long-form Assistant.
  • Jasper does not have a free plan which is different from other competitors. When you sign up, you get 10K words free.
  • Copymatic has two pricing plans: $29 a month for the starter plan, and $59 a month for boss mode. You can add more words credits to your plan as you grow, depending on your needs.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is a popular AI writing software geared towards marketers, agencies, and e-commerce brands. It enables users to create content that converts, using various templates.

With Writesonic’s long-form article writer, you can create high quality articles that are written in less time than by a human. The system is still in beta testing but the developers hope it will be able to take on this task efficiently and with the same level of quality.

Writesonic offers helpful tools to make content creation easier, including a summary generator, readability checker, and grammar checker. While it is not an article generator, Writesonic can help you develop ideas for posts from listicles to outlines.

You can try Writesonic free of charge with 10 free credits. You don’t even need to enter your credit card in order to get started. All the plans have useful features, so regardless of whether you have a low or high budget, this software is for you.

cool feature:

You do not need to commit to a monthly subscription plan when using the pay-as-you-go free plan for Copymatic. You can just buy credits when you need them without commitments.


  • Writesonic is able to meet a wide range of budget needs
  • With the free trial, you can buy as many credits as you need to avoid commitment.
  • The Writesonic website is easy to use and has a great design.


  • Writesonic is a weak tool for long-form content because it lacks many features necessary for such content.
  • Users have said that the too many restrictions, equivalent to credit system, would be more fair. It is confusing for customers to know when they can get what with all of these limitations.

Pricing: Starting at $0, you can upgrade your subscription from $25, $89, and $449 to get access to these features.

3. Copysmith

Copysmith has a unique AI that offers suggestions for blog content, landing page content and product descriptions. It also has a precise algorithm to customize each blog post according to your needs.

The Copysmith interface is easy to use and enables a 3 day free trial without a credit card. The time-saving AI creates quality blog sites with structured data and machine-learning.

Copymatic doesn’t require too much input to create content. Below you can see that three short sentences of description are all Copysmith needed to create an entire landing page paragraph.

You don't have to worry about manually copy-pasting or copy and pasting your content. With Copymatic, you can export your content as a CSV and when it's generated content, you can preview it as if it was on a website.

One cool feature:

Preview generated website content before it is published. Watch your copy come to life on a “dress rehearsal” website.


  • With Copysmith, you can organize content that is generated in a category that is relevant to you.
  • How to take your writing assistant on every online project with this Chrome extension
  • If you are not satisfied with your experience, you can end your trial within three days of starting.


  • The software can work with several other languages, but the best quality outputs in English at this time.
  • Users have a limit on the number of plagiarism checks and long-form blog posts they can create in both the Starter and Professional level.

The pricing options of the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans go for $19, $59, and $499 respectively.

4. Rytr

Rytr is an affordable AI content generator. It can write many types of content, such as blog posts and ad copy. Rytr equips entrepreneurs and marketers to produce quality content in minutes.

There is a free option and a paid plan that costs approximately 98 USD per month. The paid package offers unlimited access to all benefits and management features.

What people have to say about the product

The article's outline can be generated in a few minutes. It is worth noting, however, that Rytr would have been able to generate more detailed information based on the tone of voice, or add more relevant subheadings.

Rtyr has 20+ templates that can be used when writing a variety of written pieces, such as a pitch for a business idea to testimonials. When your text is ready, you can choose to shorten, lengthen, improve or rephrase the sentences.

One cool feature:

Use Rytr to edit sentence length, shorten or lengthen sentences, or rewrite any line of your copy.


  • Rytr is great to use. You can easily create your own content with Rytr.
  • This paid plan provides a high-performing service that is cheaper than its competitors' plans.
  • Sign up for a free plan. Most features are available with a credit limit.
  • Translate your articles into over 25 languages for Premium users
  • Rytr’s optimized website allows you to create content on your mobile device. This is useful for those who may create content while outside the office.


  • If you plan on using Copymatic's AI on a daily basis, the credit limit may be problematic.
  • AI could be more efficient: Rytr's copies could be better researched and detailed.

Rytr has a free plan and the Premium plan costs $29/month or $290/year

5. AI Writer

AI Writer is a minimalistic AI writing software for writers who just want to write the headline, and let AI take care of the rest. All this software needs input is the post title, and it's ready to get writing.

AI Writer provides citations when it is finished writing your blog post, so you can use the information to find more relevant sources if needed.

In addition to research and writing, Copymatic provides a service for rephrasing text or summarizing articles that saves you time in your marketing efforts. If you wish to publish 100% original content, the software runs a plagiarism checking program which displays how much of the created content is original.

AI Writer offers a free 7-day trial, and customer service is very responsive. I had sign-up issues and after less than an hour, the customer service contacted me.

Copymatic, while more time efficient than traditional writing software, provides articles that are notably below quality of human created content.

‍One cool feature:

A 7-day free trial will give you a chance to see how the service works before joining


  • The software only needs your headline to start generating content
  • Includes citations: Allows you to keep tabs on where your content comes from.
  • Reduce customer service costs with fast email responses.
  • Safeguard your content: Keep yourself from plagiarism.


  • Poor article quality: Posts seem disjointed and machine compiled.
  • Provides No Templates: This software seems best for bloggers as it has no other templates.

They charge a 19 dollar monthly fee for the Basic plan and 49 dollars for the Standard plan. They also have an enterprise plan for companies with more needs.

Is an AI writer the right choice for your business?

AI writing software will not replace human copywriters, but it can supplement them and make their job easier. If you are struggling with a heavy workload of writing assignments, now might be the time to consider using AI.

To wrap it up, our closing thoughts are to use Jasper for the best templates and community - but it's slightly more expensive. For something more affordable, check out Rytr! AI Writer is a good option for specific writing tasks, and Writesonic or Copysmith if you want to compare features.

Sign up for Jasper to get 10K words free. It's easy to cancel without any explanations. The content generation is met with acceptable quality and little effort.

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