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Did you realize that the percentage of instances a keyword on your internet net page compared to the entire number of words on that web page could have an impact on the page's ranking?

Sure it does, and it is called “keyword Density.”

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Mention a keyword or phrase too usually and search engines like google and yahoo will in all likelihood frown at your web site. Do it a bit much less than essential and engines like google won't choose up enough indicators to rank the web page for that particular key-word.

Sincerely positioned, you ought to get your key-word density simply right for the high-quality search performance. No longer an excessive amount of, no longer too little!

But how can you start calculating how in many instances keywords seem on a web web page or blog submit? Can you even do it appropriately?

It seems you may get assistance from a reliable tool. And that's why we created this SST’s key-word Density Checker.


On this page, enter the URL of the page you need to investigate. Or, pick “text” to paste your content material if the piece isn't always but posted online.

Click on “check” to run your request.

As soon as you've executed that, our key-word density analyzer will at once retrieve all of the keyword statistics out of your website or piece of content material and show them in a tabular format.

And remember, you can use this device to analyze not just your net pages, but that of your opposition additionally to get a concept of what they may be doing.

After running a key-word density test, you can locate that the proportion of instances your goal key phrases appear is both too low or too high. In that case, we suggest you revise the content.


Keyword density is a fundamental part of search engine optimization, consequently, it's far crucial to apprehend the way it works.

First, many humans regularly ask the question:

“Does key-word density affect ranking?”

Well, there is no legitimate announcement from Google or any other fundamental seek engine expressly declaring that keyword density does affect ranking. But without a web web page containing a given keyword, there may be simply no manner the SERPs will rank such a page for the keyword even though that might be its goal key-word.

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In other words, *key phrases* are critical for a web page to show up in search engine consequences pages (engines like google). AND wherein there are key phrases, key-word density needs to naturally be a gift.

So the germane question to ask can be:

“what's the exceptional keyword density for higher ranking?”

Again, there's no precise or best percentage of key phrases for a better rating.

As a substitute, specialists (and Google) advocate writing your content in a natural language; that is, without any intensive cramming of keywords. Therefore, applying your key phrases in a natural, contextual feel together with relevant lengthy-tail keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords works best.

After developing your content the use of a herbal language, you may then use a key-word Density Checker to research it to be sure it isn't always overly stuffed with key phrases.

Keyword stuffing is taken into consideration to be a spammy practice and a contravention of Google's webmaster suggestions, and in reaction to such actions, the search engine lowers the scores of the web sites that destroy the regulations.

Our free key-word Density Checker can be beneficial in showing you whether or not your content material is full of keywords. Generally, you could evaluate this by way of looking at the percentage of keyword utilization underneath the “keyword Density” table.

In case you are feeling mainly worried that some keywords have been referred to too oftentimes already, use this free keyword density analyzer to peer how in many instances they seemed and reduce it the satisfactory manner you could.

A powerful answer is to say your goal keywords obviously within the on-web page frame of your textual content and then upload the identical in the meta name, description, H1, and probably the URL.

Our tool does examine textual content observed inside the on-page frame of the content material, along with side content within heading tags.


Keyword Density Checker is a device built entirely for the reason for calculating the keyword density of any internet web page.

The dev crew at SEO SERPs created the tool after finding out that some marketers had been nonetheless stuffing their content with masses of key phrases even without understanding it. This left their web sites suffering as Google does no longer wants you to cram your content material with key phrases unnecessarily.

This device solves that hassle perfectly. It permits you to investigate either a whole web page the usage of its URL or a chunk of textual content using copying and pasting.

The simplest approach of calculating keyword density is usually to divide the number of instances a particular keyword is noted in a text with the aid of the full quantity of words inside the text, after which multiply the result with the aid of one hundred to get your percent.

However, our keyword Density device does greater than calculating keyword density. It sincerely checks for and analyzes all of the top keywords used at the page or textual content that is being analyzed, and suggests you the following metrics for better SEO performance and effective content material optimization:

  • The total range of key phrases on that page.
  • The page load time, in case you're studying a URL.
  • A tag cloud, detailing all of the key phrases used at the analyzed page or textual content.
  • Top keywords used in the content material, their frequency counts, and indicators showing whether or no longer the keywords have a title, description, or <H*>.
  • The keyword density for every keyword or phrase used inside the examined content, consisting of their frequency of usage and percent of utilization. These calculations are broken down over descending tilts of 1-word key phrases, two-word key phrases, 3-phrase key phrases, and four-word keywords.
  • This type of state-of-the-art evaluation permits you to effortlessly outline and come to be familiar with the percentage and sum of keywords used within your content material.


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