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In easy phrases, “domain Age” refers to the amount of time for the duration of which a website name has existed. It is how antique a domain call is.

So for example, if a site call became registered in 2010, the area age could be 10 years using 2020.

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And what is a domain name? It is the URL of an internet site, just as This is the scope with which internet users can get entry to your internet site.


Certainly, pass ahead and start checking NOW!

All of the domain records our tool offers will let you in making the exceptional choice on purchasing a used domain name.

But, you should now not simply depend upon this one tool to determine. You ought to very well look at the domain call, and we do have an array of tools for that.


  • You get to have a concept of the size of the backlink profile of the domain name there is an excessive danger that an aged domain call can have a greater hyperlink profile. Why? As it has existed for a protracted at the same time and can have amassed a few hyperlinks over time. The proprietor might have installed a few attempts to build some quality oneway links, and SERPs do think about the quantity and excellent of backlinks in rating web sites. The SEO work completed inside the past by the previous owner to create a terrific link profile may be a big plus for future proprietors.
  • You get to have a concept of ways nicely the domain does in seek engine rankings said simply above, probabilities are that an extended-existing area name (with a fine back-link profile) will do pretty properly in search. In truth, most SEOs trust that domain age is one in every of Google’s ranking factors. If a site has a very good search engine ranking, it's going to save you a lot of search engine optimization time, money, and effort. And checking its age gives you a concept of ways well the call is probably doing in seek.

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  • You get to have a concept of how a whole lot of site visitors to expect lengthy-existing and set up domain could be getting a fair quantity of traffic. Even though different factors decide the quantity of traffic an internet site receives, like publishing regular content, and so on., a domain name that has existed for some time will still “certainly” perform higher than new ones in terms of organic or direct visitors.
  • You get to have an idea of the area call’s reputation using a new domain call way beginning from scratch to build a great reputation. But lengthy-current domain names occasionally keep an already mounted positive reputation within their market phase. Because of this users have already evolved a few considerations for the name, as it has been there and they are aware of it already. Checking the area age offers you a concept of the way long it is been there.
  • You get to have an idea of how awful the area name may additionally beWith the above four factors in thoughts, you could start thinking that all lengthy-current domain names come easy and heavenly. Don't get it twisted, they're now not all best. After checking the age of a domain name and find that it has existed for long, you could then make efforts to find out if the area name has a few negativisms connected to it and for the way long. For instance, the previous owner might have been using black hat SEO strategies to try to gain some seek engine advantages. Every other hassle related to some present domain names is having a bad recognition among customers. A few customers may additionally have blocked the internet site or tagged it as spam or malware. If these flaws are not removed, the future of the area can be at stake. Checking the domain name gives you an idea of how long it has existed so you can carry out underground research before buying it.

Domain Age Checker is a tool we constructed usually for the cause of checking the age of any domain name on the internet.

Normally, different domain age checkers simply show you the age of the domain in years. However, domain age checker by means of us is lots of extra state-of-the-art. Our domain tool indicates you, no longer simply the age of your domain name, however also the precise time, day, month, and 12 months the area call became created.

  1. The date the area become remaining updated on
  2. The domain expiration date
  3. IP cope with (the IP address will tell you who's current web hosting the website and the form of IP address it has)
  4. Call servers attached to the domain name
  5. Way backlink for checking the history of the area name in Archive.Org, consisting of past designs, layouts, contents, and so forth.
  6. Registrar of the area name.

This means the device not only function your domain age checker but additionally as:

  • Domain expiry date checker
  • Area IP deal with checker
  • Web host checker
  • Area call server checker
  • Area registrar checker


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