Step By Step Guide On How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

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Step By Step Guide On How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

A vast majority of the world, barring a few cultures and regions, use the Windows Operating System. This operating system has many helpful programs that make computer tasks easier, but one downside is that it also comes with its own set of confusing and difficult to learn commands. Screenshots are a skill every PC user needs to know, so here is a step by step guide on how to take a screenshot on Windows!

How to take a screenshot on windows

Screenshotting is a great way to capture an image of what's on your screen and save it for later. There are a few different ways to take screenshots on Windows, and this guide will show you how to do it using the simplest method.

To take a screenshot, first open the Windows Snipping Tool by pressing the Windows key + S together. If you don't have the Snipping Tool installed, you can download it from Microsoft here.

Once the Snipping Tool is open, click the "New" button in the toolbar at the top.

In the "New Screenshot" window that pops up, type a filename for your screenshot and click "OK".

Now, before you take your screenshot, make sure that all of the windows on your screen are closed. To close a window, just click on its title bar and then click "Close".

Next, position your cursor over the area of your screen that you want to capture and press the "PrintScreen" button (Windows key + PrtScr). This will capture your entire screen as a screenshot.

You can now save your screenshot by clicking on the "Save As" button in the "New Screenshot"

What are the steps of taking a screenshot?

- First and foremost, you need to open the Windows Snipping Tool. This can be found by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Snipping Tool from the menu that pops up.\n- Once the Snipping Tool has been opened, you will need to click on the New button at the top left of the window.\n- In the new window that pops up, you will need to select a screenshot size from the options that are available. The sizes that are available are as follows:         Small (100x100): This is perfect for when you just want a quick screenshot of something small     Medium (200x200): This is good for when you want to capture more information but don’t want it to take up a lot of space     Large (400x400): This is ideal for capturing large chunks of text or images     Extra Large (800x600): This is perfect for capturing photos or full pages of documents

After choosing your desired screenshot size, you will need to enter in the location where you want the screenshot to be saved. You can either click on the dropdown menu next to “File name” and choose a name for

How to select screenshots in windows 10

\nIf you take screenshots on a regular basis and find yourself always reaching for the same Windows 10 keyboard shortcut to capture an image, there's a better way. Here's how to select screenshots in Windows 10: 1. First, open the Start menu and search for "Screenshots." 

2. When Screenshots is found, click on it. 

3. In the Screenshots window that opens, on the left side under "Capture options," select "Take a screenshot." 

4. On the right side, under "Screenshot type," select "Window selection." 

5. Under "Screenshot location," choose where you want the screenshot to be saved. 

6. Click on "Take screenshot" to capture your selected image.


There you have it- a step by step guide on how to take a screenshot on Windows. We hope this has helped and that you will find this information helpful in the future.

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