How To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website (Quick and Proven Formula)

05/20/2021 12:00 AM by Daniel Paul in Link building

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You Wouldn't want To Miss These Quick & Simple Link Building Ideas

Let's face it: link building is difficult.

Creating content that people want to link to is difficult for businesses.


Finding contacts at relevant websites who want to link to the material you've created can be difficult for businesses.


It's also difficult to know which links will help your SEO efforts and which will just lie there rotting like an overripe potato.


Nonetheless, there are a few "quick" link-building strategies that work without putting too much strain on your inner public relations flack.


These strategies have been tried and tested and have proven to be effective.


If you don't take advantage of these relatively low-effort approaches, you're missing out on link-building chances.


While they may not give you the same level of domain authority as, the advantage they bring justifies the effort necessary to earn these links.


What Kind of People Do You Know?

According to Google, providing something of value in exchange for a link is against their terms of service.


This policy aims to keep the link graph clean by requiring sites to obtain links only on their own merits rather than on the basis of paid or unpaid influence.


In theory, if sites are linked to exclusively on the basis of their worth, the end results should be precisely what searchers are seeking for.


Humans, in actuality, decide where links should point.


Humans will share links to sites they trust based on personal connections.


Many sites will prefer to link to a site where they know someone over a site they believe is better or more relevant.


As a result, it's worthwhile to tap into an organization's existing relationships.


It's not only what you know, but who you know, like in many other areas of life.


Taking a close look at an organization's friends and acquaintances is the simplest approach to forming links.


When the link is appropriate to the site it is pointing to, link building works best.


If a company has been in company for a long time, it's possible that someone from the company has networked with others in the business.


The person in charge of link building is responsible for tracking down those company networkers, sitting down with them, and picking their brains about who they know.


Sending frequent surveys or solicitations to employees and asking who they know can provide considerable results in a larger firm.


If you want to go a little grey hat, create a "bounty" for employees who generate warm leads for link-building opportunities.


I've never seen anywhere that it's against Google's rules to pay your own employees to provide you with recommendations on sites where they may have contacts who can provide useful links.


Looking at company employees' LinkedIn accounts to identify who they know can be beneficial.


Look for acquaintances who work for companies that have a significant online presence.


However, on a tiny site, don't overlook a relevant prospective link.

When it comes to links, remember that relevance is key.

The more relevant a link is to your company, the more valuable it is-even if the value is mostly in the direct traffic it can generate.


Who are the people with whom you conduct business?

In the link-building universe, vendors are the low-hanging fruit.


Your vendors are crucial to your business's success.


Your vendors know you and can supply you with links because you already have a relationship with them.


In reality, they may be able to give you relevant, high-quality links on occasion.


When seeking for links, I've found that it's best to approach vendors one-on-one.


Some vendors, for example, will not provide you with a link.


The less likely a company is to provide links to its customers, the larger it becomes.


If your company is a well-known industry leader, though, many vendors will want to link to you just to show that they do business with industry leaders.


Large corporations, on the other hand, rarely link with their customers.


You have an in if you conduct business with them.


You might mix your link-building efforts in the media relations style with the fact that you are a customer of a particular company.


Salespeople, in general, don't want to say no to simple requests like a link, especially when they're trying to seal a deal.


Even enterprise-level vendors are frequently on the lookout for relevant material to use in their own marketing campaigns.


Ask who is in control of the material on your vendor's website if you may create a case study about your company's experience with the vendor.


Links to your site should, of course, be included in your case study.


Links from smaller vendors are usually easier to come by.


To receive a link from a vendor, most of the time all you have to do is ask.


A best practice is to draft text for a vendor's link request and distribute it to everyone involved in purchasing.


Make obtaining a link a normal part of your vendor discussions by talking to your purchasing team.


Charity Link Building – Give and You Will Receive

Corporations are giving more to charity than ever before.


Cause-related marketing is on the rise, and businesses are increasingly donating to non-profits that help them achieve their objectives.


It is satisfying to perform acts of kindness.


It's also logical from a business standpoint.


The majority of organizations do not request a link from the charity they fund.


This is a common blunder, particularly for well-known brands.


Charities desire to publicize the fact that a well-known company has contributed to their cause. It lends respectability to the organization.


When it comes to philanthropic gifts, however, many people neglect to consider links.


Of course, you should never provide only for the purpose of obtaining a link.


Whether you're going to donate, it's not a bad idea to ask if the charity will provide a link back to your company, indicating that you're a supporter.


Also, if you're having trouble deciding which charity to support as a company, you can utilize the organization's website data to guide your decision.

If you're considering donating to two veteran groups, you might choose the one with the best backlink profile.


You'll benefit from the link if all else is equal.

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