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In technical terms, XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). It's miles a well-known device-readable report format, consumable using search engines like google and yahoo and other information-munching applications like feed readers.

Inside the best of terms, a Sitemap XML is a document that enables Google and different essential search engines better recognize your internet site even as crawling it.

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It essentially lists the URLs (pages) of a site in a based way which allows you (the webmaster) to include additional facts approximately every URL.

This degree from records like:

  • While the page became final up to date
  • How frequently it modifications
  • How it pertains to different URLs within the website online
  • It's a level of significance to the overall website online, and so on.

XML Sitemap Generator by using SEO SERPTs tools is an effective tool, but like all powerful devices, a bit of education and heritage on how all of the bits work is going a protracted way.

So permit's run up on the precise steps you'll need to comply with to apply the tool within the maximum efficient manner:

1 - On the XML Sitemap Generator phase, input your internet site URL.

2 -  Specify the elective custom parameters in step with your possibilities. The parameters consist of the range of pages you need to crawl, the change frequency, the default precedence, and the dates.

3 - As soon as you've designated the parameters you want, click on at the “Generate Sitemap” button.

The device will take a few moments to analyze your request, move slowly your site, and generate a sitemap for you primarily based on the information you provided.

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4 - Once the device has completed the process, it's going to gift you with the sitemap details, consisting of the number of pages, listing of damaged hyperlinks, XML record content, and the link to the sitemap document.

5 - Subsequent, click on on “store As XML file” to download the sitemap document in a.Xml layout.

6 - Subsequent up, proceed to the root listing of your internet site and placed the sitemap.Xml document into the area root folder. Within the event which you have a couple of sitemaps cooped up in a sitemap.Zip report, unzip it and add all of the sitemap documents to the root directory of your website.

7 - As a further step, visit your Google seek Console (previously Google Webmaster gear) account and upload your sitemap URL. Like said in advance, our unfastened online tool additionally helps other major SERPs aside from Google. So if you're a Bing individual, you'd simply need to visit your Bing Webmaster equipment account to add it.

Filing your XML file to search engines like google and yahoo (via Google Search Console for Google) is a way to verify it. Simply make certain that the Sitemap is in an appropriate format and has been well uploaded to your web server before you try to affirm it.

In case your internet site is new, filing your Sitemap to Google pushes the search engine to discover and index your web page earlier than they would have determined it on their own.


The reality that XML maps list pages consequently and offer additional records approximately the one's pages assist search engines like google and yahoo to move slowly your web page extra intelligently.

This basically way that a very good Sitemap serves as a roadmap of your internet site which leads SERPs to all of your critical pages.

XML is in particular critical if:

  • Your site isn't properly-established or properly-linked (internal hyperlinks).
  • Your website is new and does no longer have a lot of external links.
  • Some pages on your website are created dynamically (as it is on some eCommerce web sites).
  • Your web site is big and/or has lots of archived content that won't be properly-related. An instance is a person-generated content material site, like job forums, whose pages get archived (and forgotten) after a time frame.
  • Your web page is simply a mean website however you care about engines like google indexing it accurately.
  • XML map can also be beneficial for SEO (SEO).

Why? Because they permit Google and other search engines like google and yahoo to easily discover vital pages to your website, even if your internal linking is terrible.

That is essential due to the fact Google and different search engines like google indexes and rank particular webpages, not complete websites.

So even if your homepage URL has already been crawled and indexed by way of the search engines, there's nevertheless the need to provide them with a well-described sitemap to help in exposing different pages that might in any other case be hidden from the spider bots.

Consider your internet site as a house and each page of your site as a room. Google may realize the residence from an ‘outdoor view’ but now not always every room in it.

Now, think about a Sitemap like a blueprint or a map of your private home and the rooms in it. Google uses this blueprint to easily and fast discover all the rooms within your house.

And speak approximately speedy locating your pages, if you published a chunk of content material and it got copied and published someplace else, Sitemaps can be very useful in organizing you because of the source of the content material.

How? Because through the help of an XML map, Google will be capable of discovering it first for your site given that the XML file allows it crawls your site quickly and greater frequency. Summary: reproduction of content material problem resolved!

All of these blessings make you simply need to create an XML on your site. And that's why we created the Sitemap Generator.


The sitemap generated can then be added to your internet site to begin taking part in the advantages.

This device is developed to particularly cater to the search engine optimization necessities essential for accurate ranking.

Our tool allows you to create a sitemap with as a lot as 500 pages, numerous alternate frequencies, and default priorities.

Within the method of producing a sitemap, this device can also serve as your web site counter. It allows you to calculate the entire range of pages as well as the actual wide variety of indexed pages for your internet site. If anyways, your indexing price seems to be taking place, you can then take the important action to enhance it.

Our Sitemap maker is fantastically flexible. It helps predominant search engines like google which includes Google and Bing. It can also paintings on your site irrespective of whether or not you're using WordPress or any other web site builder.

Most XML creators in the marketplace require you to possess some form of coding abilities to use them. However, our device is one of a kind. You don't want to have any coding knowledge to generate XML Sitemaps with it.

This makes the device extremely clean to use and user-friendly.


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