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Redirect Checker Tool is a URL redirection encoder, a very useful tool that allows users to explore the complete destination path of a redirected URL. If you are on this page, you may already know that redirect is the procedure in which a URL is routed to a different URL. The redirector is the tool used to inspect different URLs, signaling the complete response code provided by each. This effective tool is mainly used as a free 301 redirect tester.

Types of HTTP redirects
Now that you know what redirection is, let's look at some common types of HTTP redirects:

300 Multiple options: The number of options for the feature that the client can follow, for example, can be displayed with different format options for video, or for disambiguation of the meaning of the word or files with different extensions.
301 Permanently moved: When this redirection is used, all future requests for a given URL will be redirected to a given URL.
302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Temporarily Moved (HTTP 1.0): Internet works on HTTP protocol, dictates how URLs work. It has two key versions, in 1.0 303 refers to the status code "moved temporarily" while in version 1.1, this has been changed to "found".
307 Temporarily moved (HTTP 1.1 only) :): If redirected, the request will be repeated with another URL, but all future requests should continue to use the original URL.
Meta Refresh: Meta Refresh is a type of redirection that runs at the page level instead of the server level. In SEO, this is not a recommended technique because it is slow. In general, the five-second countdown that says "If it's not redirected within five seconds, click here". It is associated with this.