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What is the meaning of the term ‘Whois'?

Registrants must supply registrars with up-to-date contact information when registering a domain, according to ICANN regulations. This data is available to the public in the Whois database, which functions as a huge address book that anybody can access.

Try out our Whois domain tool to see if the domain you've been eyeing has already been taken. If it's available, that's fantastic! Today is the last day to register. Why not make them an offer they can't refuse if it's already in use?

Who may utilize ‘Whois' and why is it important?
The Whois database makes it simple to find the owner of a website. This could come in handy if you need to contact the domain name owner or if you're a legal team trying to figure out who owns a trademark.

Domain purchasers and sellers can also benefit from Whois, which allows them to quickly see site ownership facts, making the domain purchase process move more smoothly.

Whether you're interested in purchasing a domain but want to see whether it's already taken, try our Whois search tool to see if it's available.


What is the procedure for using the Whois Lookup Tool?

Do you wish to find more about a domain's owner? Enter the URL into the search window above to use our domain owner lookup tool.

You'll find answers to critical questions such as:

Is the domain name available for purchase?

Who is the owner of the domain?

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

When does your registration expire?

Find out more about any domain and explore new possibilities for your personal or professional website.


How can I keep my internet privacy safe?


Why not consider domain privacy protection if you've registered a domain and don't want your personal contact information displayed publicly?

When someone searches the Whois database for your site address, alternative contact information will appear instead of your personal information.

Every new registration and transfer at Namecheap comes with free Domain Privacy.

At no point does our domain privacy service provider demand your personal information, and any information you supply with Namecheap will remain with us.

Furthermore, having privacy protection in place reduces the chances of marketing organizations and internet fraudsters gaining access to your contact information.


The domain I'm looking for is already registered. So, what's next?

Don't be alarmed; all is not lost. If the domain you want is already registered by someone else, you can present an offer to the domain owner without having to go to a different page. Choose ‘Make an offer' according to your domain registrer  such as namecheap, godaddy etc and begin bargaining!

Alternatively, if registering is free, you can choose to ‘Add to Cart' and complete your purchase.