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Backlink checker tool works this way:


The backlink checker performs a series of tests on the number of links on the site or to determine that you have entered a link. Additional information is also collected, including the anchor text used, the page rank of the backlink source, and all kinds of indicators and warnings for each link.


Your results are here - Then, what do they mean?

Getting links to your domain or some sites are important. The inbound links you have all your Google Page Rank, right? Close, but not quite ... Google and other search engines that are important to reward quality over quantity. At one point, website owners and Internet marketers would try to trick the system by buying a lot of back links at a very cheap price. Some do even if it has been proven that Google's websites punished. Google prefers natural links. Low quality links may hurt to help more. In short, it is best to have five quality backlinks to have 50 backlinks with a low quality. To strengthen more information about Google's quality standards for links: This is designed to show you the free tool Backlink checker , Everything you need About the quality of your links to know. The final results (in the lower left corner), you will see exactly how many backlinks in total. Only 10 per page, and you can scroll through the pages in the lower right corner. Each result shows the source link or the exact page that contains the link to your site / page. If you click on each link, this page will open a new tab or window. On the right side you'll see the Google site rankings to find the page with your backsource. The next column on the right will tell you what anchor text is used, your website or a page when describing it at all. Finally, the last column will allow you to know all the red flags; When a link characterizes, above all, "without follow-up"


So how often do you have to perform a link check?

If you start creating links, you may be tempted to use this invariable slash checker quite often, and this is acceptable. However, a link audit can be much more complicated and thorough than just using this tool. A full link audit should be performed approximately once a year, and you can use the information to determine which link building domains (blog comments, guest blogs, social bookmarking, etc.) are most effective, especially when 'It's about attracting more traffic to your website. For more information about running a link check,