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Color Picker tool!

This tool facilitates the creation, adjustment and experimentation of personalized colors for the web. It also facilitates conversion between various color formats supported by CSS, including: HEXA, RGB (Red / Green / Blue) and HSL (Hue / Stability / Lightness) colors. Control over the alpha channel is also supported in the RGB (rgba) and HSL (hsla) formats.

As you adjust the parameters that define the color, it is displayed in all three standard CSS Web formats. In addition, depending on the color currently selected, a palette for HSL and HSV is generated, in addition to alpha. The "eyedropper" color picker box can be toggled between the HSL or HSV format. You can also test the colors and how they overlap, by dragging them into the box at the bottom of the tool and moving one over the other. Adjust your relative Z-index values ​​to move them forward and backward to each other.

This tool will help you identify the perfect CSS colors to apply to your HTML.