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You must endure in mind that 301 redirect has the maximum substantial effect on search engine optimization. Page Rank is the thing to measure how strong your webpage’s search engine optimization is, and you should recognize its relation with 301 is.

Before 2016, 301 affected the page rank negatively, however things have reversed absolutely today. It became assumed that a website could suffer approximately a 15% loss in page ranking if it makes use of 301 redirects. Google’s former head of Webspam, Matt Cutts explained this process however didn’t mention a genuine determine of loss that may be faced in page ranking because of redirects. But, it was officially announced in June 2016, that no internet site might face downfall in page rank because of the redirections. Alternatively, it may result in boosting the natural site visitors of a website.

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In case you are acquainted with search engine optimization, then you definitely may additionally recognize that no longer all redirects result in betterment. Some of them can be risky and can damage the SEO of a website. That makes it crucial to understand approximately the redirects associated with your internet site. You can use SST’s URL redirect checker!


To apprehend URL redirect is quite simple, it’s a server-based characteristic to ship the user from one web area to another. The redirects are implemented for many reasons by way of websites due to the change in their deal with. Among them, the most extensive reason is to synchronize your website online with state-of-the-art SEO techniques. Let’s not waste your time and dig into how redirects can affect your search engine optimization.

Considering you have recognized the basics of redirection, your next step should be running a redirect test. Though hyperlink redirect trace extensions are to be had at the internet, why to take a hazard while you may easily access the hassle-free tool for this task? Initially, you have to reach our URL redirect device by coming into within the address bar of any browser. The next steps are:

  • Input the domain in the given URL discipline. Redirect checker
  • Click the “check Redirection” button. Check Redirects for with URL

The results can be displayed for your tool display screen in a matter of seconds so that it will indicate the kind of redirect and its URL.Outcomes of Redirect checker
These easy steps at the website redirect checker will assist you to live knowledgeable approximately your internet site's redirected URLs. You could test redirects frequently with the assistance of our tool as it gives quick effects with 0 hassle.


As noted before, many redirects are applied to an internet site. Earlier than moving any also, allow’s test the functionality of all varieties of URL redirections.

300 multiple alternatives:
This code suggests that there are some of the possible options a user can avail of. A standard instance for it can be to replace from one language to another, which is usually called localization.

301 Redirect:
The 301 status code is used for transferring all the clicks on the old URL to the brand new one. It is used by the websites that make adjustments to their domain name and the companies which have merged. You can perceive it with the 301 redirect checker device.

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302 located repute:
Just like 301, 302 is also for moving the clicks to any other URL, but it is only for a specific time and can not be followed completely. The link juice isn't always transferred to the new URL; therefore, the brand new URL isn’t ranked by engines like google in this example. The new version of this code is modified to “located,” which previously changed into “temporarily moved.”

307 Moved quickly:
This HTTP status code is implied for temporarily moving clicks. 307 have to be used throughout the protection of the server or for any other motive where it turns into mandatory to transport cloth to a new URL.

Meta Refresh:
It's miles a method implied by using web sites for automobile-refreshing the web page after a particular time. Meta Refresh redirection is applied on each web page in place of the entire website online.

With various to be had redirects, it's far crucial to check redirects occasionally.


Using the redirect tracker will assure you that your websites visitors aren't always affected. For instance, you very own a logo, which sells only an unmarried product online, and you are introducing a new product line. Absolute confidence, converting the domain name will assist you to target a wider target market. But the vintage traffic won't find your new internet site if they input the old URL.

Consequently, it's far crucial to apply the 301 redirect code for fending off the loss of present visitors. And, if you do that, the use of the 301 checker tool will assist you to make sure that your new domain is redirecting the visitors from the older one. It's miles a powerful way of redirecting an internet site without detrimental its SEO.


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