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Über Htaccess Redirect Generator

On internet servers running the Apache net Server software program, the .htaccess configuration file can be placed. HTAccess is an abbreviation for  Hypertextight of entry to. Whilst this report is located the Apache internet Server will come across and execute the instructions in this report. This record may be used to:

  • Regulate configuration of Apache web Server
  • Permit/disable capability and features
  • Deal with redirects
  • Guard passwords
  • Deny access toy traffic through IP deal with
  • Redirect visitors

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There are different additional functions that the .htaccess report may be coded to carry out. The name of the file can not be changed or an extension delivered to it. In case you trade the call or shop it with an extension and add it; it'll now not be diagnosed. When you have used a content material control machine like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress you would possibly have encountered this document. You might also have edited it. Some net servers do no longer assist you to edit it. But you can create your very own document and upload it to particular directories.


Htaccess report can comprise a single or a couple of strains relying upon the capabilities you need to encompass in it. You'll want to apply an FTP (record switch Protocol) program to add the file. Additionally, you should add the document in the “ASCII” mode. A few FTP programs use “BINARY” because the default to upload files. If that’s the case you have to exchange it to “ASCII”. Add the file to the directory you need it to live in. While you examine the documents in your internet site’s directory you may not see it as your net server’s software program might be hiding it.


Htaccess documents may be very useful when it comes to dealing with mistakes. Visitors get indignant when they stumble upon a mistakes message like a 401, 404, 500 message on a website. That is wherein the htaccess record can be used to display a friendly message to site visitors in case they face any hassle in accessing your internet site.

Again this function may be included in your internet site using the htaccess record. A few websites do now not need site visitors from certain IP addresses getting access to their web page. This function is extraordinarily beneficial in blocking off out unwanted traffic. The webmaster can select which IP addresses to permit journeying the web site and from which IP addresses to block traffic. In most cases, site owners permit traffic from a particular variety of IP addresses and as a result mechanically block traffic from another IP address. Corporations, authorities groups use this capability to dam unwanted visitors.

If you stumble upon several visits from an unknown web site, you could block that site in case you think they will be pinching your CSS files. You can additionally deny getting entry to by using referrer

Placing all the instructions that site owners may want within the httaccess document on the net server calls for them to understand HTML code. Yes, the instructions for the htaccess file to execute may be created the usage of a text editor but can not be positioned as a device.

To carry out a redirect from non-www to www or from www to non-www there’s a htaccess device available. If you need the device to generate the code to include on your website’s htaccess record, navigate to our website rom your search browser. On the web page scroll all the way down to the htaccess redirect generator tool icon and click on it. It has two options;

The default choice is the first option. Enter your domain call and press the ‘get your code’ button. There’s a captcha with a view to requiring verification. As soon as you've got completed that the code generated may be displayed in the results field. Now you could reproduction the code from right here and paste it on your htaccess file.

After efficaciously updating the htaccess record it will perform the redirect characteristic. Now the internet site visitors can be redirected to some other web site seamlessly,


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