Voice Search Tips - 7 ways To Optimize Your Website And Content For Voice Search

10/17/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

ways To Optimize Your Website And Content For Voice Search

Voice search is a speech technology that uses voice command to allow the user to perform specific tasks. Although mostly voice search is an application, voice search can also be a service offered by smartphones or by web-ended devices. Google voice search is an example of voice search software and application offered by Google company.
What is voice-based search engine optimization? (VOE)
VEO entails optimization of one's content location and brand information resulting to increase of one's likely hood of powering voice search results. Voice search is being used to find immediate on to go answers for VEO. 

Ways of optimizing your website for Voice Search

1 Optimization of Page Speed

For a search to be successful on a website the speed of the page must be able to load fast enough hence producing results. When two websites are compared the website that loads the fastest gets to be first on the search result list, henceforth speed is essential for voice search.

2 Securing website with SSL

 A website should be secured and certified. This means that the website can be trusted and as consequence, it complies with the rules of good online practice. For example, google voice search favors the websites that can be trusted regardless of the industry they adhere to.

3 Make Content Easily Scannable 

 Most voice searches interact with content pieces that contain simple sentences and short paragraphs that provide point-to-point information. They are less tolerant of lengthy and in-depth articles. Large chunks of data should be broken into simple data and if possible an image can be used.

4 Testing Voice Search For Optimization 

During voice, search optimization tests should be carried out regularly on the queries you are optimizing for your page. Test different devices e.g smart speakers vs google assistant.Cheak on you rankings against your competitors.

5 Listening to How people reference you.When using voice search people will not be specific on the exact details but they tend to say the words in another manner. For example, if you are running a shop, the customer will type "shop near me", however, if they are using voice search it will probably go something like these 'where is the closest shop". Being able to capture the exact words and phrases that the customers will be using frequently to address your business plays a key role in voice-based search. Paying close attention to this words and phrases is essential as customers will probably opt for the same ones in voice search.

6 Mobile Search FocusFinding a way to query and meeting customer demand is essential. Invoice search, certain keywords are used much more often than in other search methods. It is of utmost importance to find these keywords as most of them are used in mobile searches. Such keywords may be built around when, who, how and when.
7 FAQsThe flexibility of your website will ensure enough flexible growth needed for search optimization purposes. Expanding FAQs content on your website to capture both long -tail and voice search traffic will go a long way in optimizing voice search.