Outdated SEO Tactics That You Still Practice Today

10/17/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Outdated SEO tactics that you still practice today

One of the developing and ever-changing entities in the world today is the internet but, unfortunately, many experts and business owners do not take this into consideration and end up wasting their time and money with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that no longer work. 

A person who wants to compete in the SEO space has a harder time of doing such a thing. This is because the world of SEO has changed. The recent update to the systems has changed almost everything about how a person should optimize their website to be found on the search engines. Therefore, the smart people in the world have changed their tactics and a person who wants to stay relevant needs to change their tactics too.

It crucial to know that many of these SEO plans have either changed or been replaced completely. Instead of continuously going back to those outdated techniques, business owners should consider modern alternatives for them to be successful. Here are some outdated SEO techniques and the alternatives you need to consider;

Keyword stuffing 

It was considered that Stuffing your content with full of keywords would make to get top results on Google that can interrupt SEO content, and this actually is a black hat to the SEO technique and it can make your website get blacklisted immediately. In order to avoid being blacklisted, you should focus your SEO tactics on writing informative and appealing content that involves only a few keywords only.

SEO writing for spiders 

It was initially thought that writing in a manner that the search engine would get you was the best way to improve your SEO tactics and get the result that you were looking for. The search engine will penalize you for not writing with the end users in mind.

Footer links

It was once believed that stuffing your page footers with links to your link exchange partners was a great SEO strategy, but try and do it today and Google will completely disregard them. Instead, you need to make use of content links to boost your SEO strategy - get people to write about you in their blogs and include a link to your site somewhere in the content.

Forum signature 

For some reason, many people are still using forums because they can include a signature that is full of keywords and links to their websites - but, of course, Google cottoned onto this SEO 'technique' years ago. Instead, add links to your homepage on your social media profiles to gain more authority.

Link building 

When you think about the term 'link building' it perhaps evokes images of links being physically built by an SEO expert and inserted into the website. Do this and risk the search engines scrutinizing your SEO strategy. Organic links (known simply as 'getting links), however, are more important and seem to flow more naturally.

Once you meet with your SEO professionals and they tend to pronounce the importance of one of these outdated techniques, you should bring the attention their interest on the truth that there are more useful strategies out there. They would know these techniques were outdated already if they are SEO professionals. These are some outdated SEO tactics you are still practicing today.